Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Edible Winter Wreath

I'm not sure if you've strolled the holiday decor aisles, but they are unusually full this year. It's true, holiday decor is a pure luxury, and these days, one would think luxuries were going out of style. So if you have found yourself scaling back this season, I have good news for you! No need to spend a fortune on a holiday wreath (or go without) when you can make a lovely one! You can find instructions for the cookie wreath pictured above here (scroll down a bit) at Fancy Flours. Now you don't have to rush out and get fancy cookie cutters or decorations...I challenge you to use what you have. A cookie wreath would be equally adorable made from round cookie cutters, even a hodge-podge of different ones. Happy decorating!

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