Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rebecca Thuss

Most of you know about my obsession with Martha Stewart's work. Truth be told, I actually do know she doesn't come up with all of these wonderful ideas all by herself, but has an incredible team of people behind her who do. Can you imagine the brainstorming sessions that must go on in that place? I get all hot and bothered just thinking about it!

I just learned about Rebecca Thuss, previously a Style Director for both Martha Stewart Weddings and Blueprint (RIP). She has since joined her husband, Patrick Farrell, in their multidisciplinary photography and graphic design firm, ThussFarrell. I have inspiration journals full of her work, and so it was so exciting for me to put a name to the inspiration. So, I thought I'd leave some eye candy for you today of her work that has inspired me in the past.

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Rory said...

Jen, have you ever thought about being a planner? Creating your own business? Or joining a team like Martha's? Just wondering, cause if you'v collected this many journals through the years, perhaps God has placed an incredible talent and desire in you that hasn't been fully tapped.:)

Jennifer Wilde said...

I think about it every, single day! I know God has an amazing plan for me...outside HSBC...someday! I think he has me where I'm at now for a couple reasons: #1 to get Jason through school (he graduates Aug 15th, but whose counting?), and #2 to teach me things I would have never learned otherwise (like how to build a mean project plan), but that'll make pursuing my passion all the more fruitful...whatever that is! Thank you for your encouragement...some days I forget that this is only the beginning...that sometimes God gives us seasons and experiences for the sole purpose of looking back and reflecting upon them. I am so grateful he has placed me where I am to equip me...and given me dilagence to work hard, and the grace to put up with all my complaining! Thank you, Rory!