Sunday, June 8, 2008

"It's more important to make yourself happy than to be like your neighbor." - Michael Graves

I'm devouring the latest "O at Home" issue (Summer 2008), and ran across this quote in a "10 Things I Know for Sure" article featuring architect Michael Graves. The name may not sound familiar to some of you, but I know all you Target-lovers out there will be familiar with his designs when you see them.

Here are some of my favorite designs you can pick up at Target:

As a design-obsessed-Target-lover myself, Michael Graves philosophy has been an inspiration to me in how I fill my home. Specifically, investing in those things I touch and feel everyday. Does ice cream really taste better in a bowl you love holding? I would argue, "yes!" Is is worth going without something until you find the very piece you love? Again, I would argue, "yes," (as I still have yet to purchase adequate matching towels...I just haven't found ones I love enough yet). I know what you're thinking, "Jen, it can get seriously expensive to buy only those things you love." My response, "True, but how much more do you save by buying only what you love in the first place, than constantly replacing what you sorta like over and over." Thankfully for us, Michael Graves has made the "well designed/to cheap ratio" tolerable for even our husbands to bless a splurge.

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