Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Last Lecture

It's one thing when something inspires you, but it's a whole different thing when someone inspires you. Randy Pausch, famous for his YouTube appearance in his talk, "The Last Lecture," has become an inspiration to millions and millions of you out there by inspiring us to live our lives with a whole new a whole new way.

But the twist that makes his story all the more inspirational was his diagnosis and battle with pancreatic cancer. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he used his illness to fuel his life...even right up until the end. He died July 25th, but I don't get the impression he's "lost" the battle, but rather, taken the next step in his journey.

There is just no way to adequately describe Randy's character and magnetic ability to inspire. So turn off "Judge Judy" or "Entertainment Tonight," and trade you time for something that will fill you to overflowing. Watch Randy's "The Last Lecture" here, buy the book here, and view his personal webpage here.

Our hearts and gratitude go out to his wife, Jai, and 3 young kids, Logan, Dylan, and Chloe. I think they'd all agree that despite today's grief, there is still more to come. Yes, Jai, his magic remains.

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