Friday, August 1, 2008

Smile, baby!

It seems like families are growing everywhere these days! This post is for all of you out there with impending additions, and the memories you'll want to savor forever of your new little bundles.

Good Stock Press & Bindery does the most beautiful heirloom book albums. I could post their whole site, but will direct you there yourself so they can tell their own story. My favorite album they have done (that you might also consider for your little one) is the "Picture a day/First birthday." Designer mom, and photographer dad took pictures each day for the first year of baby Seneca's life. Then, they inserted their wishes for her throughout the pages. You can also find a lovely posting about this album on Design Mom's Blog. Precious!

On Martha's show today, she also had a few great photo ideas for baby (you can watch this piece of the show at this link on her site). My personal favorite is each year on their birthday, having your child hold a picture of the age they are turning. Martha recommends, if possible, to take the picture in the same place each year. How fun to watch them grow up!

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