Sunday, October 26, 2008

What the Bedazzle are you doing to my Pumpkin?

Martha unveiled the brilliant idea of glittering pumpkins last Fall. There are many reasons why I love this idea so much! First of all, they're so pretty, they don't have to be condemmed to the front portch (actually might even play a starring role on your tabletop). Second, you don't have to carve them (but I will warn you, the glitter does tend to get messy). And last, they'll likely last you through Thanksgiving...who said your pumpkins are only for Halloween? Some aesthetic considerations to help your glittery pumpkins turn out the best: 1) use a glitter that isn't clear (Martha's crew uses glitter from Art Glitter ), 2) find pumpkins or other gourds that have good shape and character, and 3) use a variety of glitter colors. I know Martha glitters the stem, but I personally like the contrast of the glittered pumpkin with the un-glittered stem. But, thats just me. You can watch the tutorial, here.

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