Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flaunt Your Dried Goods

I could spend a humble fortune good storage. The thought of having things categorized, organized, and looking seamless makes me giddy (a bit OCD, I know). On that note, I've been frusterated lately with the pantry. Bags of pasta, nuts, dried fruits toppled on top of each other everywhere...there seems to be no easy way to neatly organize these things! So, I did some hunting at Ikea, and have found a solution! The DROPPAR storage jars are wonderful! They are clear, glass jars with a frosted band around them, and a stainless steel rimmed top with a see-through window. I love the clean look, and all the different sizes they come in (14 - 118 oz, plus spice jars). For the truly daring, they'll even look good on your open kitchen shelving. Magical!

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