Friday, September 5, 2008

My Favorite Pen

I love TUL pens! I stumbled upon them accidently one day on a trip to Office Max, and have never looked back. My go-to choice is always the fine point black gel pen. I know many of you could likely care less about which pen you pick up and write with...but not me, I'm obsessed!

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woosterweester said...

Hey Jen! Finally catching up on all my emails and wanted to check out the blog. Hooray for you! As per this post, I have to say I'm a SHARPIE girl myself, but TUL looks delightful.:) On another note: Do you want this site to remain available only to the folks you sent an email out to or would you like it linked? (Because ours is family pics and stuff, I don't usually link mine to other sites when I don't know everyone who checks know, safety first, but I always like to check with other folks since the excitement of a new blog is kinda like a new baby!.:)) Doesn't matter to me either way, but I'd be happy to link your Martha Stewartness to my blog. Have a great weekend!