Monday, November 17, 2008

This will be a financially tight holiday season for many of us.  All this means is that we'll have to get more creative when it comes to decorating, event hosting, and gift giving.  I hope to dig up inspiration on all these things to share with you during this holiday season.  

The first discovery has been Amy Butler's downloadable patterns.  My favorite is her Snow Mum Pillow, pictured.  This has totally got my creative juices flowing!  She used a nice wool, but you can use just about anything you like.  I'd even challenge you to dig through fabric scraps, or even old clothes and sweaters to find a special material for this project.  Maybe there is an old tattered baby blankie that needs to go...why not convert it?  Old prom dresses, a favorite shirt with a stubborn stain, a child's outgrown dress,. old school uniforms...see where I'm goin'?  I have been considering using the wide ribbon saved from my wedding to create the flower.  Any other suggestions on things you'd like to convert?


Jenna said...

Speaking of a tight Christmas. Have you seen the video for Advent Conspiracy? I think you would like it. It goes with home made gifts. Check it out here:

Jennifer Wilde said...

Wow, that video is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing...I will have to post this baby!