Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did you tune in?

The Opening Ceremonies were last night in Beijing for the Summer 2008 Olympics, and they were incredible! I actually didn't catch the whole thing, and I think I missed some of the best parts. So, I've been trying to track down a way to watch it online, and will share it with all of you once I find it. NBC has posted the firework show , which was mind-blowing as you can imagine. As each of the countries walked through the stadium with their flags and onto the Olympic Stage, they crossed over these stamp pads, and then onto a white pad, which left this incredible rainbow of everyone's footprint. Truly, I'm having trouble coming up with the right we watched Yao Ming holding young hero Lin Hao (an inspiring story in itself) as they gathered with all the countries of the world, I told my husband, "This must be what world peace feels like."

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