Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You wanna carrot?

Yes, this is my sweet sweet dog, Ruthie. She came to us as a "middle-aged" retired guide dog, which means she's already trained and we can't take even an ounce of credit for how wonderful she is. Gushing aside, this girl loooooves carrots! Just the word "carrot" will get her all excited. Since she is a bit on the older side, her vet told us that if she loves carrots so much, to replace them with treats. They won't cause her to gain weight, so she can have as many as she wants. So, we spoil her rotten, and she eats so many carrots that they almost literally come back out the other end (apologies if thats too much info).

So, if your dog needs to go on a diet, or like us, you just want to do all you can to spoil your furry one, then try carrots!

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