Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dreamers into Doers

Many of you already know that I love just about anything Martha Stewart. I also love anything entrepreneurial. About a year ago, I discovered Ladies Who Launch, an incredible network of women entrepreneurs. It's a support community that helps women launch and grow their own's amazing what one can accomplish when we all join together. I got involved, joining an incubator, and attending the Live event in Portland last fall. Amazing women, amazing experience!

So, I just got an email this morning from my Ladies Who Launch incubator leader informing me that Martha Stewart and Ladies Who Launch have joined together to create "Dreamers into Doers"(jaw drop). Yes, this is yet another network of bringing women dreamers together, with Martha as our mentor!

If you already have an account at, you can just follow this link, and become a Dreamers into Doers member. If you don't have a account, 1) you're missing out, and 2) you can sign up for one right here, and then 3)sign up to become a Dreamers into Doers member here.

Not to create a novel out of this post, but I'm on a roll. So, speaking of Martha and entrepreneurship, I must share a wonderful resource with all of you. Martha has written a book, The Martha Rules, that shares her story and wisdom on building a business and how keep it running and growing. I not only bought the book, but I also have the book on CD that I loaded onto my iPod, and will listen to for inspiration.

I hope those of you out there with ideas are able to use some of these resources as a launch pad to soaring. One common thread on all the wisdom and advice...find your passion and follow it.

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