Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lobster Bake (fun for West Coasters too)!

I have always wanted to go to a lobster bake! I grew up on the West Coast, but s'mores seem to be about the only thing we cook on the beach. So, the thought of getting a bunch of friends and family together for some good seafood and lots-o-butter on the beach sounds pretty wonderful.

Michael Chiarello from the Food Network has given us a great recipe for cooking the clams and lobsters. A great seafood bisque can be found here from Ida Garten. For the ultimate seafood free for all, serve by covering tables with decorative fishnets, and piling the lobster and clams on top with lemon halves and corn on the cob strewn about. Be sure to provide bowls (or how about cute galvanized buckets) for guests to discard the shells.

Make it a spontaneous event, or add a formal flair. It'd make for an memorable feast after an small (or large) beach wedding. I can already envision the great lobster theme letter pressed invites and the bride and groom posing for pictures with lobster bibs on!

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