Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about how cute little ones are with those hooded bath towels. Especially the ones that are animals and characters. In light of that conversation (which I assure you had something important to do with work...okay, you got me, probably had nothing to do with work), I had to go investigate and see who really had cute hooded bath towels for kiddos. Spiffy Baby has an adorable assortment of different animals, Dwell Baby has some great graphic prints, and Pottery Barn Kids has really sweet animal hoodies (yes, they have a puppy AND a froggy), and organics for the admirable.

I'm headed off on a tangent here, so if you want to stick around, be my guest. Here it goes: quite honestly, I have the hardest time getting baby gifts for people. First of all, I haven't experienced the joy of motherhood yet, so I have no idea what people actually need and want (yea yea, I know most do registries these days, but I like gifts to be a surprise, so I try to avoid registries altogether). Second of all, I avoid buying clothes if at all possible (sometimes they're just too cute to resist) because I swear American babies are the best clothed people on the planet (or maybe I'm ignorant), and I'm not always so sure my taste will be the same as baby's parents. But even harder than the baby gift is the first birthday gift! So now days, I've made it easy on myself, and defaulted to getting a sweet hooded towel and bubble bath (apologies to the first birthday parties coming up) because they are so stinkin' adorable! Note to parents: please take pictures...I know bath time is probably the hardest time to grab the not-so-water-resistant camera...especially with a naked toddler running around the house, but you've just got to capture the moment. If anything, you can use it for blackmail when they're teenagers!

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Sally said...

Jen, this is the first thing we got for our new niece.. even though it will take her 2 years to grow into it! Ikea has adorable ones!